What Are You Afraid Of?

I just got off a coaching call with a client. He’s a bright, young man that does very well for himself and has a lot of skills employers look for. He is a big picture kind of guy with a servant’s heart. He is not high minded but has a sharp mind. He has aspirations of doing great things. 

I challenged him to take an uncomfortable step for his growth professionally and personally.

I asked him plainly today, 

“What are you afraid of?” 

The question, understandably, put him on his heels. He didn’t want to come to terms with any kind of fear. After all, who does? I don’t. But that’s what a coach is for. To point out areas that you are blind to or that you don’t want to face. What is more, to pull out of you that you may not see yourself. He is VERY capable and has much to offer not only his company but the world. We can often forget the many gifts we have to offer. A good coach will find those and pull them out of you and hold them in front of you to remember…

It’s a question I have to ask myself. It’s the question I had to ask myself when I launched out into the self development coaching space. Afraid of people’s opinions of me: “Why is Matt doing that?!” Afraid if what I have to offer the world is not needed or not valuable. Afraid of failing.

It’s good and healthy to admit that you are fearful. In fact, fear, I believe, is the single biggest factor in why people stay the same. Fear of uncharted waters. Fear of sticking out from all that you’ve known. Fear of the pain you have to undergo to have true change. 

We need to hear the words of Roy T. Bennett: 

“Courage is feeling fear, not getting rid of fear,
and taking action in the face of fear.” 

We will never be free of fear. We weren’t created to be! We were created to contribute to the world around us—no matter how small or big. You were created to effect change in the world—a non-anxious presence, a listening ear, a battle cry to take a stand, or maintaining your integrity in the face of temptation to compromise for the sake of comfort. 

If you find yourself in the same place you were financially, physically, mentally, spiritually, my question for you today is: 

“What are you afraid of?”

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